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SMART Series Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

Our SMART Series Self-Service Kiosk Solutions Are Fully Customizable

Our self-service kiosks are tailor-made to meet the requirements of each customer. The fa├žade can be designed to blend with and enhance the branding of each customer. You dream it, we build it.

Virtual Teller Machine (VTM)

A revolutionary self-service kiosk solution that enables the migration of complex counter services to a self-service channel to provide services such as account opening, subscription of services, customer service, information inquiry and much more. It has capability to leverage on video conferencing technology to integrate the merits of self-service and counter service. With video conferencing, the human touch is retained as remote customer service agents (virtual tellers) can virtually interact with customers in real-time.

Card & Ticket Dispensing Kiosk

A versatile multiple-type card dispensing kiosk solution that enables the migration of over-the-counter card services such as issuance and replacement of banking cards, prepaid cards, membership cards, loyalty cards and much more to a self-service channel. The robust design of our card dispensing kiosk provide a safe and secured storage environment for card inventory and prevents unauthorized handling. Our card dispensing kiosks are also able incorporate embossing and imprinting features to create detailed and personalized cards on the fly. May also be used for the issuing of tickets.

Prepaid Credit Top-Up Kiosk

A cashless payment transaction system, using self-service kiosk for quick and easy prepaid credit top-ups and payments. Our top-up kiosk offers the added flexibility of multiple top-up modes, making it the perfect solution for businesses and establishments looking to adopt a cashless transaction system (e.g. food courts, public transport services, telcos, ticketing, etc.).

Centralized Monitoring & Management

Our centralized monitoring and management module enables administrators to remotely monitor and manage the status and activities of each self-service kiosk. The system updates and alerts administrators of any issues with the kiosks, prompting administrators to take timely action. The system enhances management and control by provision of statistical reporting so that our customer can use these reports to analyse their business operations and for marketing purposes.


Cheque Clearing Solution

HiTTS cheque clearing solution is a high performance end-to-end solution for the processing of inward clearing and outward clearing of cheques. It is able to handle small and large banks. HiTTS cheque clearing solution is able to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies. Cheque deposit machines may be linked and integrated to the system.

Positive Pay System (PPS)

HiTTS Positive Pay System (PPS) is a solution for the detection of alterations on cheques. It innovatively leverages on cutting-edge recognition technology to read and recognize information on cheque images. Any alterations are highlighted for human visual verification.

Signature Verification System (SVS)

HiTTS Signature Verification System (SVS) enables the customer to verify signatures at its various branches and for verification of signatures on documents. Typically, it interfaces with the Branch Delivery System (BDS) at the branches of banks for verification of signatures over the counter. These signatures can be used for Automatic Signature Verification (ASV) in inward cheque clearing and other operations.

Paperless eSigning Solution

HiTTS eSigning solution provides for the capturing of hand-signed electronic signatures and sealing of electronic documents in a safe and secure manner. Typically, the signer signs on a pad. Depending on the pad used, the system is able to capture the static characteristics and dynamic (biometric) signalsof the signature in addition to the signature image.

Corporate Payment Management System (CPMS)

HiTTS Corporate Payment Management System (CPMS) is a comprehensive solution that enables banks to offer hassle-free payment management services to its corporate customers in a secured and controlled environment. Payment instructions are issued via data entry or from external systems (e.g. account payable system). Methods of payment include cashier order, Telegraphic Transfer (TT), GIRO, etc. Among other features, the system caters for multi-currencies, stop payments, maintenance of customer authorization mandates and Management Information System (MIS) for the corporate customers.

Form Processing (FP)

HiTTS Form Processing (FP) is an end-to-end solution for the capturing and processing of data in structured and unstructured forms. It leverages on cutting-edge recognition technology to automatically scan and capture handwritten and printed data, barcodes and marks from images of documents scanned by the system. Embedded into the solution are technologies that provides for labour efficient processes, e.g. automatic document separations for bulk scanning. This system is typically used in capturing of application forms and their supporting documents, e.g. loan application, credit card application, invoices, etc.